Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

swappin' sheets!

hi everyone.... 

i made a flickr group for the swappin' sheets thread :: it is by invitation only, just to keep out the folks looking for freebies ::

---->edit:  this is the second image i made... .i spent a little more time on it and now i am trying to figure out how to turn it into a button

-->rachel w<--

blocks appearing in the mailbox!

ok, the pictures in this post are in a bit of a wacky order :: sorry about that... i am using opera for a browser and it doesn't like blogger and i just can't bear to re write this, so i apologize for that :: 

lovely gift from evelyn::  i don't have either of these....thank you!

a lovely gift from amanda, i don't have any of this sheet, it's one of my favorites so thank you too::

all of the blocks placed on the back of my sofa :: just picturing what a quilt will look like :: or i can see four of these sewn together to make some really sweet giant pillows ::
 from colima:: thank you!

from amanda:: thank you!
from janice:: thank you!
from evelyn:: thank you!

another from evelyn... lucky me!:: another thank you!
from jane:: thank you!
from megan:: thank you!
from jodie:: thank you!
yay!!  they are all lovely::  a big thank you very much to all of you :: they are going to a fabulous something soon :)

(ps.:: please let me know if i put you down for the wrong block :: my daughter was so excited she mixed up the blocks and cards before i could stop her!  i'm pretty sure i've got it right ;) )

---> rachel w.<---